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Parade of Champions in 1962


This is another digitally enhanced photo of the parade of weightlifting champions of the 37th CCCP championship that was held in Tbilisi in May 1962.

The standing ovation of the fans looks rather amazing today.

What happened with the days when we honored strength and character in Olympic weightlifting? It does sound like a rhetoric question. Hope the days of weightlifting joy are not over.

Parade of Champions (left to right):

Yury Vlasov (Army Moscow, 110+kg, gold), Robert Sheierman (Army Sverdlovsk, 110kg, gold), Vasily Stepanov (Dynamo Riga, 90kg, silver), Eduard Brovko (Spartak Dnepropetrovsk, 90kg, gold),  Vyacheslav Kozlov (Spartak Dnepropetrovsk, 75kg, bronze), Vladimir Kaplunov (Army Khabarovsk, 67.5kg, gold), Rafael Chimishkyan (Dynamo Tbilisi, 60kg, bronze), Arnold Khalfin (Spartak Lvov, 52kg, silver), Vladimir Smetanin (Army Sverdlovsk, 52kg, gold).

Note: The caption includes sports club, weightclass and medal won at the 1962 Championship listed after the name of an athlete.

For more information, please follow the link associated with the name in the caption.

USSR Championships @Lift Up

USSR Championships</p>

1962 USSR Championship
5/6/1962 – 5/10/1962
Host: Tbilisi, Georgia Arena: Sports Palace
Number of Athletes: 96
Main Referee: M. Zhgenty Secretary: P. Akushev


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Vladimir SMETANIN, Army  Sverdlovsk 297.5
56 Bantamweight Alexey VAKHONIN, Trud  Kis. 340
60 Featherweight Yevgeny KATSURA, Army  Kazan 355
67.5 Lightweight Vladimir KAPLUNOV, Army  Khabarovsk 410
75 Middleweight Mikhail KHOMCHENKO, Klg.  Rovno 420
82.5 Light Heavyweight Rudolf PLYUKFELDER, Trud  Shakhty 450
90 Middle Heavyweight Eduard BROVKO, Spartak  Dnepropetrovsk 455
110 Heavyweight Robert SHEIERMAN, Army  Sverdlovsk 487.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Yury VLASOV, Army  Moscow 522.5

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.




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