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Casual Conversation Between the Training Lifts in Rome


The weightlifting part of the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome was about to begin.

Soviet lifters were conducting their open training session and fellow athletes from Team USA stopped by to say hello.

On the photo, Yury Vlasov of Team CCCP is talking to Richard Zirk of Team USA. Arkady Vorobyev is performing split style clean.

In a few days, Arkady Vorobyev won the gold medal in the 90kg class. It was his second gold medal and the third medal at the Olympics. Yury Vlasov won his gold medal in the 90+kg class in Rome.

Next year, at the 1961 World Championship in Vienna, Richard Zirk finished second after Vlasov.

Who knows, maybe the advice given to Zirk by Vlasov at the training session in hot Rome in September 1960 somehow helped Zirk to reach the elite level of international weightlifting.

The cover photo was enhanced by the Lift Up project about the history of Olympic weighlifting.

Hope you like it!


1960 Summer Olympics
Location: Rome, ITA</p>


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Charles VINCI, United States 105EOR+107.5EWR+132.5 = 345EWR
60 Featherweight Eugene MINAEV, Soviet Union 120EWR+110OR+142.5OR = 372.5EWR
67.5 Lightweight Viktor BUSHUEV, Soviet Union 125EOR+122.5OR+150 = 397.5WR
75 Middleweight Alexander KURYNOV, Soviet Union 135+132.5OR+170WR = 437.5WR
82.5 Light Heavyweight Ireneusz PALINSKI, Poland 130+132.5EOR+180WR = 442.5
90 Middle Heavyweight Arkady VOROBYEV, Soviet Union 152.5+142.5OR+177.5EOR = 472.5WR
90+ Super Heavyweight Yury VLASOV, Soviet Union 180OR+155OR+202.5WR = 537.5WR

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.

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