chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Happy March 8th!


Do you celebrate the March 8th day?

It is considered an international women’s day in many countries.

Not in U.S., though. Here it is just a day in the calendar.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik’s revolution in Russia.

I guess Lenin and his associates also celebrated the March 8th with their wives, girlfriends and female party comrades.

Maybe not.

Certainly, there were no iPhones and selfies in those times. Anyway…

If you are a woman and do celebrate the March 8th, Happy March 8th to you!


Tags: celebrate!, creative, design

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  • Верхолаз

    Красавчег. Я правильно изьясняюсь по олбански? © 2013 Arthur R. Chidlovski

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