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Boris Pavlov


Boris Pavlov (1947-2008) of Donetsk, Ukraine was the World Champion (1971), European Champion (1972) and USSR Champion (1972) in the light heavyweight class (82.5kg).

His strongest lift was clean-and-jerk. He set 6 world records – 3 in cj and 3 in total.

The 82.5 weight class had a long list of international level athletes on the Team CCCP Weightlifting at the time Pavlov competed in this sport.

Valery Shary of Minsk, Gennady Ivanchenko of Riga, Vladimir Ryzhenkov of Moscow, Arnold Golubovich of Minsk – these are just a few world class weightlifters that were opponents of Pavlov in the battle to represent the country in the international cometitions.

On the photo from the Lift Up: History in Color series, Boris Pavlov is training in Lima, Peru where he won the gold medal at the 1971 World Chanpionship.

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