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Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Team USA (1952)

Team USA 1952

The 2017 IWF World Championships tournament is scheduled to be held in Anaheim, USA from November 27, 2017 t0  December 5, 2017. The Lift Up and our sub-publications continue the Go USA Weightlifting Marathon superseries of historical articles to cheer up the Team USA ang all the fans of the Iron Game who certainly will be following one of the key Olympic weightlifting of the year.

This enhanced team photo portrays the U.S. Olympic weightlifters in York, PA before they went to represent the country at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki (left to right):

John Davis (90kg+, gold medal), Norbert Schemansky (90kg, gold medal), Peter George (75kg, gold medal), Stanley Stanczyk (82.5kg, silver medal), Clyde Emrich (82.5kg, 8th place), Tommy Kono (67.5kg, gold medal)

Those were the glory days of U.S. lifting in the world.

Each athlete on the photo definitely deserves his own page of pride and honor in the history book of U.S. and international Olympic weightlifting.

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