chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Forever Happy Here


It’s the beginning of December in town.

Most of the birds left the town and flew down south.

Only real die hards stay with us now. Like this sparrow fella on the wall at the Mount Auburn Hospital.

“Why don’t you go south with the others,” I asked the fella when he chirped a jolly greeting to me. “Why don’t you join the migration crowd and go to the warmer lands?”

“Migration… Schmigration… Don’t be silly!” answered the fella. “I am a sparrow. I feel good where I am. Besides, they have plenty of us over there – why bother fighting on the foreign turf…”

You can’t deny little fella’s logic. We stay where we feel good. We feel good where we are…

Temperature and sun rays don’t matter.

Tags: birds, nature, photography

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