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Club 500 Interactive


Club 500 Interactive

by Arthur Chidlovski (Lift Up), May 2018

List of all Olympic weightlifters who recorded 500kg total of 3 lifts

(press, snatch, clean-and-jerk) prior to elimination of the

Olympic press lift in 1972


  • Based on data from the list “Club 500 kg” by  Peter Kravtsov  and on the lists by  Christian Ösch  (found by  Mikko Korhonen)  and  Karl Adolf Scherer; reconstructed and augmented by  Vilmos Zoller  in 2017. Compiled and developed as a tool by Arthur Chidlovski in 2018;

  • # – Rank, YOB – Athlete’s year of birth, CTR – Athlete’s country, BWT – Bodyweight or weight class (kg), PR – Press lift(kg), SN – Snatch lift (kg); CJ – clean-and-jerk lift (kg), Host – Location where the total was recorded;

Tags: infographics, it, lift up, olympics, weightlifting

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