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How Much Did It Cost To Fly From Moscow To Los Angeles In 1984?


The question is most definitely sarcastic.

The cover photo of the History in Color series features the 1984 Team USSR Weightlifting. Due to the boycott of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles by the Soviet block, no lifter on photo actually competed at the Olympics in 1984. Instead, the whole team went straight to Bulgaria for the 1984 Friendship Cup.

Anyway, here goes Team USSR 1984 (left to right):

Front row:

Israel Arsamakov (82.5kg, Russia), Yurik Sarkisyan (60.5kg, Armenia), Oxen Mirzoyan (56kg, Armenia), Yurik Vardanyan (82.5kg, Armenia);

2nd row:

Vladimir Kuznetsov (75kg, Russia), Vladimir Grachev (67.5kg, Russia), Anatoly Khrapaty (82.5kg, Kazakhstan), Vladimir Solodov (90kg, Russia);

3rd row:

Pavel Kuznetsov (100kg, Russia), Alexander Popov (100kg, Russia), Leonid Taranenko (110kg, Belarus), Vlalery Kravchuk (110kg, Ukraine);

4th row:

Аlexander Gunyashev (110+kg, Russia), Anatoly Pisarenko (110+kg, Ukraine), Alexander Kurlovich (110+kg, Belarus).

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